Simple File Upload’s API Documentation
Authentication and Requests

We use standard HTTP Authentication over HTTPS to authorize your requests. First you'll need to sign up and then generate a new API key in your account. Once you have an API key, you can generate a request to the server like so:

wget -qO /dev/stdout \
--user "{{your token}}" \
--password "{{your secret}}" \


File Collection Actions
Action Method Path
Fetch all file urls GET /api/v1/images
Individual File Actions
Action Method Path
Delete a File DELETE /api/v1/image with params {url: file.url}
Example Request to delete a file

Send in the file url. This immediately and permanently deletes the file

wget -qO /dev/stdout \
--user "{{your token}}" \
--password "{{your secret}}" \ --method=DELETE""
Example File Object

Whether you're deleting a file or getting a list of file URLS, this is the structure you should expect and provide:

  "id": 2,
  "cdn_url": "",
  "file_size": 1000,
  "filename": "MyString"